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Coordinate conversion (translation) web service

Conversion code: National Land Survey of Finland, Tapani Lahti and Veli-Pekka Kestilä, web service: Mikko Heikkinen.

This coordinate conversion web service prototype can be used freely to convert between coordinate systems. FMNH makes best effort to keep the data and conversions as accurate as possible. Caching of the results is recommended if you need to use same result more than once. The service is maintained on the basis of our best effort. Please send any notifications of technical problems or suggestions on improvements to .

The conversion is based on the code from National Land Survey of Finland. It uses the correction datapoints collected by them and the same algorithms. Unfortunately there are some differences on the results from our systems and service. The difference should not be that important as in our tests it was less than 1m. It's still recommended that users don't use system repeatedly for conversions on the numbers obtained from the system as it could lead to bigger deviation.

XML service

Please note that the service will not validate the coordinates. Invalid coordinates may generate unexpected results.

Finnish Uniform Coordinate System coordinates must be entered in full-length format, i.e. with the leading "3" of the longitude, which is sometimes omitted (not 6680000:380000, but 6680000:3380000).

For grid coordinates with less than seven digits per northing and easting (for example 668:338) the service gives coordinates for the southwestern corner of the grid (not center!).


JSON service

The JSON service can be used to convert WGS84 coordinates to other formats.




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Tällä palvelulla voi muuttaa yhtenäiskoordinaatteja ETRS89-koordinaateiksi ja päinvastoin.

Avainsanat: koordinaattimuunnos, yhtenäiskoordinaatit, ykj, yhtenäiskoordinaatisto, astekoordinaatisto.