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Linnaean specimens in the Botanical Museum of the University of Helsinki (H)

About 90 specimens are found in the herbarium of the Botanical Museum that believed to have once been part of the herbarium of Linné the elder or annotated by him. Eighty-two of them have been published by Ilkka Kukkonen and Kalevi Viljamaa in 1973.

Images of the published specimens including photographs of the handwritten information are given together with the published explanatory texts from Kukkonen & Viljamaa (1973).


In the texts the number of the 'Catalogue of the Linnaean Herbarium' is given before the name used by Linné in the protologue (Savage 1945). If possible, the valid combination or correct name of the specimen is given, in the latter case in brackets.

The species names are followed in each case by the actual names and annotations written on the sheets. This has been done, as far as possible, in the same manner as in Savage's Catalogue. The sign / represents the front side of the sheet; all the names and notes preceding it are found at the top of the sheet, all those which follow are below the specimen. Notes on the back of the sheet are always preceded by the sign //. The annotations or names and numbers written by one person, or each group of symbols, are followed by the name of the writer, when known, in square brackets.

The following abbreviations are employed: L.p. = Linné the elder, L.f. = Linne the younger, D = Anders Dahl, Hell. = C. N. von Hellens (Hellenius), St. = Christian Steven, Schj. = Sven Schjerfbeck. The abbreviations typically used by Linné have been explained in each case.